In Toto

The term in toto is a Latin term, which translates as “in all,” “entirely,” or “completely.” In a legal sense, the term describes an understanding, description, or acceptance of something as a whole. As an example of in toto use, one might say “The inventory was destroyed, in toto, by the fire.” This would mean that, rather than only a portion of the inventory being destroyed by fire, it was entirely and completely destroyed. To explore this concept, consider the following in toto definition.

Definition of In Toto


  1. Completely; entirely; or as a whole



Examples of In Toto in Sentences

  1. The inventory was destroyed in toto.
  2. Your offer is rejected in toto.
  3. There was, in toto, an increase in fees for permits.
  4. The man admitted to having perjured his testimony in toto.