Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud occurs when a person or entity makes false insurance claims in order to obtain compensation or benefits to which they are not entitled. Insurance fraud is committed in many forms, but regardless of the type, it is considered a serious crime in all jurisdictions. To explore this concept, consider the following insurance fraud definition. Definition of Insurance Fraud […]

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Defalcation occurs when an employee of a company mishandles or misappropriates funds with which they have been entrusted. This can occur in many ways, and the act of defalcation is illegal and punishable in a court of law. Similar to embezzlement defalcation is most commonly perpetrated by employees who have full access to the company’s finances or accounting records. Defalcation […]

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Embezzlement is a crime that takes place when a person purposely withholds or uses assets and monies for a purpose other than for what it is intended. Also referred to as “financial fraud” or “larceny,” embezzlement is typically committed by an employee who is in charge of an agency or company’s finances, or a person who has responsibilities pertaining to […]

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