Batson v. Kentucky

Following is the case brief for Batson v. Kentucky, Supreme Court of the United States, (1986) Case summary for Batson v. Kentucky: Batson, an African American was charged with burglary and receiving stolen property. The state used all their peremptory challenges to keep African Americans off the jury. Batson was convicted and claimed that the use of peremptory challenges based […]

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Gratz v. Bollinger

Following is the case brief for Gratz v. Bollinger, United States Supreme Court, (2003) Case summary for Gratz v. Bollinger: Two Caucasians challenged the University of Michigan’s admissions policy after being denied entry into the undergraduate program, claiming the procedure violated the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. The Procedure automatically added 20 points onto the application of a minority candidate. […]

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